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how to find out facebook password 
without resetting it

sometimes you forget your password on any site like facebook password ,and the browser remember it , but how can you find out it ?? do you have to reset it ?

no,my friend there is easy way to view it without resetting it 
if that what you need , be sure you are in the right place .

to know how to find out your facebook password, follow these steps :
1.       Go to password box and right click on password 
2.       then choose inspect element

3.       At the bottom  you will see new box and blue line
at this line replace the word (password) with (text) @ type by double click on
the word (password) as shown

4.        Click at any place

Now you can see your facebook password
and you don't have to reset it .
don't worry :
when you refresh this page, it will be disappeared .

compare these :

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  3. If unable to recover password, you should Contact Facebook Customer Care 1-855-777-5686